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Built-in Safe Room/Tornado shelter...more excited about this than anything!

Mike Taron is an Arizona-based carpenter who grew frustrated at not being able to buy something he needed: "A lightweight, compact, folding sawhorse that I could take to and from jobsites." As he explains,

Mike Taron's Folding Sawhorse Design

URGENT: Dog and cat food recall issued May 14, 2014. Please repin to spread the word!

URGENT: Dog & Cat Food Recall Just Issued

How You Like Me Now, Grout? | Young House Love (We used this technique in our shower - still looks fantastic 2 years later.)

How You Like Me Now, Grout? | Young House Love

FlyDog SPILL PROOF TRAVEL DOG WATER BOWL This is one of the most handy pet products i've seen, owners love it!

Remembering this when i paint my new house -- To get rid of paint fumes... add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to a gallon of paint, mix well. It does not effect paint color! And makes the whole room smell like vanilla when you're done!

{Cleaning Task} Remote Controls - Remote controls are touched by everybody possibly even the pet. Imagine the build up of dust, dirt and germs which can cause illness in the family needless to say over time the dirt can damage the remote control. (...) Regular monthly cleaning of the remotes is all that is required. Go ahead shouldn’t take any more than 5 minutes, do it during an ad break of your evening TV viewing!!

{Cleaning Task} Remote Controls

Quick ways to clean and disinfect your computer keyboard (which is typically five times dirtier than a toilet seat!).

Guide to 10 Garden Bugs! The good, the bad, and the NATURAL remedies! #organic #bugs #good #bad #garden #gardenbugs

Garden Bugs 101 - Infinity Lawn & Garden

According to author and horticultural professor Jeff Gillman, who has conducted extensive research on blackspot remedies, a spray composed of one part milk and two parts water is the best answer to the disease. He says this simple solution, if applied weekly, will control blackspot as well as any synthetic fungicide, including Chlorotalonil.

Got Blackspot? Get Milk.

Sweet Peas and Pumpkins: Homemade Earth-Friendly Insecticidal Soap (Repels Deer and Bunnies too)

DIY Dishwasher Tune up. Don't buy a new dishwasher! Four easy steps that will get your dishwasher really cleaning again.

The Quick & The Hungry: Dishwasher Tune Up

For a dog who loves to tear apart stuffed animals, make a durable activity ball with a Hol-ee rubber ball, scraps of fabric, and treats. | 38 Brilliant Hacks For Dog Owners

38 Unexpectedly Brilliant Tips For Dog Owners

Speak up at the hair salon

Speak up at the hair salon -

Mama did this all her life. She was allergic to aspirin. I did it and have taught my daughter also. Let the solid hot water trickle the whole time to keep it hot. It DOES work.