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Daily Inspirational Angel Quotes

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I smile when I hear a bell ring, and think the Angels have helped someone special at that moment. ~ Karen

A blessing for you today! ~ Karen

Ask Archangel Michael to clear negative energies that have become attached to you. Cord cutting is such an important process in living a healthy happy life. ~ Karen

Thank you Angels for being with me always.

Love is the reason we are here. We should celebrate it everyday, not just during special holidays. ~ Karen

The Angels can assist you in all areas of your life. Ask them to help with your finances too.

Archangel Michael is the Guardian - Protector Angel. Call on him when you are need of his assistance. He will always be there for you.

Good thing my Angels have super sonic wings! ~ Karen

Call on the courage, strength and love of your Angels to move you through your fears. God has blessed you with these mighty caregivers, ask them to help.

Together I have the courage to move forward. Thank you for loving and supporting me, Archangel Michael.

Do you see sparkles of light too?

This is my prayer today, watch over the people I love. Thank you.

Take a moment to breathe and feel your Angels around you.

May Archangel Raphael send healing to the World today. ~ Karen

Angels are the gatekeepers to your soul.

It is important to ask your Angels for assistance. Ask now. ~ Karen

Please Angels, send your love to my family and friends. Thank you.

Archangel Michael please be with me now. Thank you.

Good thing my Angels have super sonic wings! ~ Karen

Angels are God’s pure love energy. When you feel the presence of Angels, you are feeling the joy of God.

A smile or a kind word is giving like the Angels. BE AN ANGEL TODAY ~ Karen Borga

May your day sparkle from the LOVE of your Angels ~ Karen Borga

The Angels are of a very high vibration. Close your eyes, and feel them around you. Can you feel how wonderful their energy is? ~ Karen Borga