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Silhouette America Products

Products for your Silhouette Portrait and Silhouette CAMEO electronic cutting tools

Put A Bird On It: My Review of Silhouette Stencil Material *spoiler alert: it's amazing!*

Silhouette America - new Pen Holder tool

Silhouette America - My country

Love this tweed rolling tote from Silhouette America - perfect to carry and store my CAMEO! #wishlist

Silhouette America - My country
  • Lacie Kate

    @Silhouette America Is there a version that would work for a carry on a plane? This is 25 in x 10 in x 12 in. Carry on restrictions are 24x10x16. I love this but I travel a lot and I'd love one to take with me!

  • Silhouette America

    Not at this time but that's a great suggestion - we will pass it on to our Product Team. Thanks!

  • Suzie McClintick

    Really need one that can be a carry on for a plane... I had to leave mine behind at an airport on a trip because it was too big for a carry on... I was VERY sad!

I NEED this Silhouette CAMEO Rolling Tweed Tote for my machine! from Silhouette America

Silhouette America - My country

I NEED this teal tote for my Silhouette Portrait #wishlist

Silhouette America - My country

Add it to my Wishlist! Silhouette Portrait electronic cutting machine

Silhouette America - My country

Get the Silhouette Stamping Starter Kit for 30% off right now using code: STAMP (valid until 4.17.14)

Win a Silhouette Portrait and save at the Silhouette store!

Product Introduction: Stamping Starter Kit

Product Introduction: Stamping Material

the NEW Silhouette Portrait™

  • Kelly Braund

    I had the original silhouette & now use the SD (haven't gotten the Cameo yet) and I really love my SD! This looks very similar to it as far as the design. They really are great machines!

  • Shannon Harrison

    I have the Cameo and I've been frustrated since I took it out of the box...haven't made anything with's just collecting dust, ugh!!!!

  • Jennifer D

    I had the same issue at first Shannon. I emailed Silhouette about my problems and they were quick to reply and helped me troubleshoot my issues. Loving it now!

  • Sharon Hanson

    I would love to get one of these

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Fabric Ink 101

  • Evelyn Machado

    Please, show the entire process to help us! Thank's.

  • Kitty Bryan-Johnson

    Yes, please show us all of the how-to's! Thank you!

  • Christine Thomas

    I agree. Is this painted on after some silhouette process or run through the silhouette? Most confusing. Please think about updating this video? Thank yhou

  • Jill Mable

    "You'll want to use the stencil vinyl and a sponge to apply the fabric ink like I did" It's not something the machine does. You use the machine to create the stencil, then sponge on the paint.

Fabric Interfacing 101

Printable Heat Transfer Material 101

Stencil Vinyl with Transfer Tape 101

Sketch Pens 101

Printable Magnet Paper 101

Temporary Tattoo Paper 101

Rhinestones 101

Silhouette Spatula 101

Replacement Blade 101

Rhinestone Transfer Tape 101

Adhesive-backed Cardstock 101

Pen holder 101

  • Brian N Aliza Reynolds

    It's not even all ball point pens! I was very disappointed when I got mine, but I'll keep looking for skinny pens that'll fit.

  • Brittany Sedley

    Try Amy chromas pen holder. It's works way better!!'

  • Brian N Aliza Reynolds

    What is the Amy chromas pen holder? a type of attatchment or pen?

  • Melissa Dobson

    i bought the sketch pens but getting frustrated with them when they dont draw the entire image,is anyone else having those problems? although ive only tried with their sketch pens.

  • Shantae Bonner

    Yes, same problem, @Melissa. I will go back and maually trace over with the pen, but the pressure is then wrong. Frustrating.

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Replacement Cutting Mats 101

  • Tina Gentry

    How do you loosen the tacky so that your paper does not tear when you first use the mats?

  • Debbie Knight

    believe me, it becomes untacky too quickly.

  • Tracy Pullen

    Use your hands to play patty cake on the mat for a bit. the oil will take some of the tacky away. When they are not tacky enough, lay a piece of tape across the mat and lift off the stuck on paper dust. When all else fails re-stick using Zig 2 way glue.

  • Bridgett Bell Kraft

    I get the BEST results using the Cricut trio package. It consists of 3 cutting mats: one for light-weight papers; one for heavier cardstock and glitter paper-weight, and the third for chipboard-like materials. The mats are thicker, more sturdy, and it is much easier to lift the design with a spatula.

  • Tracy Pullen

    Thanks for the tip Bridgett. Do you have to cit them?