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▶ The Amazing Power of Frequency Separation Retouching in Photoshop - YouTube

4 Photo Collage Templates

Tutorial on a better way to store & Recycle photo slides, and give yourself a 'stained glass window' effect into the bargain. Protect you from prying eyes, this moderately cute privacy screen frees old slides from their dusty boxes. A great project to do with your tots or grand-tots too.

Recycle Old Photo Slides into a Colorful Privacy Screen

Top 10 Must-Read Blogs for Pro Photographers in 2014! (via The Modern Tog)

Top 10 Blogs for Photographers of 2014

Peter Hurley Style Headshot Lighting on the Cheap! Headshot Lighting with a Strobe and Reflectors

Illuminating The Face With Peter Hurley. Fstoppers has teamed up with Peter Hurley again to produce a completely ne...

How Simulating a Film Camera Can Help Improve your Photography Technique

Crop to Add Canvas

how to use flash at sunset, (balancing flash w/ warm ambient light) - Neil vN - tangents

Sisters - Blackwell Becoming- Professional Portraits in Denver ...

This is so cool! This monther, daughter team takes a day to get dolled up and take shots together. This would be awesome and end with a family portrait!

This is what I call the recline, when my subjects lean back onto something.  Does  three things helps to connect the chin, bring the shoulder forward to create body language and slims the arm. Oh 4 things it also fills the frame.  any shot I do Im trying to get arms and legs up to fill the frame.  These are a simple white background shot into window light and a gorgeous Mother and Daughter shot.

Sue Bryce - 28 Days, Flow Posing

sue bryce

via Sue Bryce Photography/ Check out Creative Live...Such a Rich source for aspiring photographers...some of the best photographers in their fields share what they know!

Shooting Curves: Here’s a tip TILT your camera down – do not shoot down. Shoot JUST above eye level. Also, hand in back pocket pin elbows back, bum back. Chin forward and down. Connect the shoulder. via Sue Bryce