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resqme: key chain attachment that allows you to cut seatbelt and punch out your car window in case of an accident. I could use this

This Ring Hides a Saw And Handcuff Key- My fellow law enforcement people you may wanna take a look at this..

This Ring Hides a Saw And Handcuff Key

(Self Rescue Bracelet)

【自救手环(Self Rescue Bracelet)】在你单独…_来自微笑堇堇的图片分享

$9.99 Undercover Bracelet: A useful tool for covert and undercover operators, those that travel abroad in unstable countries, or anyone at risk of being held unlawfully. A leading federal law enforcement agency asked for a special emergency handcuff key for their undercover operatives. The Undercover Bracelet is the result. Disguised as a common "gummy bracelet", this rubbery flexible bracelet won't draw even a second glance when worn in most environments.

Undercover Bracelet

Repurposed . Brass. Bullet Vial . Locket . Pendant . Jewelry . Unique . Gift . For Him . For Her . Bridesmaid . Groomsmen . Valentines Day

[Cute li'l pink comb and kitty keychain which are, as it turns out, a hidden knife and pointy knuckledusters, respectively]

Concealed carrying option for women. Femme Fatale Holsters. Comfortable carry option! Promo code : MISSPISTOL for free shipping :)

Femme Fatale Holsters - Elegant concealed carry holsters.

This could be one of the ultimate HIPS (Hidden-in-Plain-Sight) items - one of our covert non-metallic handcuff keys disguised as a simple zipper pull. $9.00

4 inch key chain gun A new weapon is on the streats of Britain and Eastern Europe. 4 inches long and capable of firing two 0.25-inch bullets. The ring on the base of the gun is twisted to cock the gun. This gun is a modified version of a pocket mini flare gun.

4 inch key chain gun | World of Weapons

Wow, sneaky. Brass knuckles ring

Brass Knuckle Ring | EPICthings

Criminal Germany, Berlin, 1932. Rings with razor-sharp blades..

Shinebox. Keep it under the front seat ;)

Basic Equipment

Key Finder. $2 man i really need to get this

Ceramic razor blade, a polymer handcuff key, and a 4' Kevlar friction saw | Anti-Kidnapping Watch Band | GEARWARD


Awesome Inventions (lNVENTlONS) en Twitter

Awesome Inventions (lNVENTlONS) on Twitter

Possibly the cutest piggy bank ever. The kitty pops up to steal your coins when you place them on its dish. I would save so much money if I had this!!

Mechanical Kitty Bank | Mickey Fix

USB Fridge. Good idea for summer in the office.

Mini USB Powered Fridge | Geeky Stuff

I'm not sure I can live without these.

Arthur George By Rob Kardashian - Official Website

Here are some weird gadgets and inventions you never knew existed.