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Verbs with printable/love the alphabox idea. could use a word sort for alphabox with reading selections.

Joyful Learning In KC: Animal Action~Verb lessons

Even kids who "don't like to write" love to write their friends' names! Many children learn to read their friends' names before other words so it's motivating to write friends' names plus the child is able to read what they are writing. If a child is going to truly write they must be able to read what they are writing - otherwise they are just "drawing".

Mother's Day Edition: Fine Motor Friday!!

Word Work Ideas (from Kindergarten Smiles) ***love the board/shelf idea***

Kindergarten Smiles: Word Work: Make Your Life Easier ;)

Word wall center children read the word to a partner, then build the word with the magnet letters. This is made with a large oil drip pan from an auto parts store:)

Using "Guess Who" board- What's the number? Kids ask questions like Is the number greater than/less than....? Is the number between ___ and ___? Is the number in the tens place ____? etc. No two questions in a row can make the same comparison. Or students may ask in number sentences- - Is the number 5+1?