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World War 2 -Tanks (Other Countries)

Photogaphic collection of USA tanks from World War 2 (I tend to avoid shots from post 1945 e.g. from musems etc.) Generally the medium and heavy tanks plus tank destroyers, the occasional light tank will also appear.

French tanks pass through a bombarded French town on their way to the front line in France, on May 25, 1940. (AP Photo) . The tank, with his very short barrell small caliber cannon and the peculiar small cupola on the turret, could be a Renault Char léger Modèle 1935 R. #worldwar2 #tanks

Covenanter tanks harboured by the side of a road during Exercise ‘Spartan’, 6 March 1943. #worldwar2 #tanks

9th March 1943: Exercise Spartan tests D-Day forces in Britain

Italian FIAT M11/39 Classed as a medium tank by the Italians, in reality it was closer to an allied light tank being poorly armoured and armed, it was soon outclassed in all theaters being replaced by the M13/40. It's highpoint being the Italian invasion of British Somaliland were it was successfull until the arrival of the heavier British Matilda. #worldwar2 #tanks

Canadian Ram Mk I Canadian officers at the medium tank Ram (Ram) Mk I, designed on the basis of the American tank M3. on the front of the tank is a brass plate with the inscription "donated by citizens of Kitchener and Waterloo, Ontario. This tank was manufactured in April 1942. In May 1942, the sixth Canadian Hussars armoured Regiment, which received this machine arrived. #worldwar2 #tanks