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Idea for Joel's tat.

Featured Artist | Ink Army

Greek Tattoos Ancient Images

Tattoo by Remigijus Cizauskas at Remis Tattoo

RemisTattoo - Remis Tattoo's | Facebook

Etched roman numerals tattoo black and white

coolest kind of tattoos!

Sick gladiator tattoo

Wonderfully done ancient (I'm not good at history- is it Greek or Roman?) tattoo

Ok so while I may never want a tattoo like this I still think it looks amazing! look at that!

By Ezequiel Pastor:caesar tattoo,tatuajes julio cesar,roman,tattoos

Awesome full tattoo sleeve with Gaius Julis Caesar, The Colosseum, Gladiators, Legionnaires and chariots.

Roman soldier tattoo. Not keen on the soldier but like the cracked marble/stone effect at the bottom

Slightly aggressive-looking half sleeve of Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar bust tattoo

Full size greyscale tattoo of Gaius Julius Caesar statue