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Do an art project with colors and lines, then cut it up and glue back on paper in a new arrangement.

Apothecary Jars made from spaghetti sauce jars, spray paint lid and add knob.

Pre-punched paper at Michaels, wrap it around a glass cylinder. Another knock off of Pier 1.

how to fix a bra. Wish I had known about this many bras ago. Seriously brilliant!

EPIC To-Go CUP!!! Just put ice around the edges of this cup. Hide your beer Drinking in public

Hanging balloons, put a marble inside before you blow it up.

Glowing water is so EASY TO MAKE, and can be used in so many ways! Use glow water in place of regualr water to make glowing flubber, glowing bubbles, glowing Crystals.....just to name a few

Chan Luu Inspired Wrap Bracelet DIY Tutorial

Press marbles into holes in a fence for a sparkling light show when the sun hits the color. DIY tutorial via gardendrama.wordp... (so cool!)

How to easily remove the bottom from a glass jar without having to cut it!

Easy Silk Screen: Get an embroidery hoop, some silk, a credit card, fabric paint, contact paper and get printing. All you have to do is cut your design out of contact paper, adhere it to your little screen and get printing. The credit card acts as a squeegee.

@Johanna Henao reminds me of something you would do (and I will ::wink:: )

One hell of a bouquet for a guy... Or knowing my of them LOL. one day I'll def give this a go!