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Celeste feeling some holiday cheer - life size silicone mannequin by Sinthetics

Gabriel by in Las Vegas - lifesize silicone doll

Sexy long legs on Tawny; a body 1B Tawny head silicone Sinthetics lifesize doll

Gabriel, a life-size silicone male doll with individually hand-punched facial and body hair. Made by Sinthetics.

Kimiko life size silicone Sinthetics doll

Sinthetics real life size love doll

Adorable Yuriko with big boobs! Real girl or silicone doll?

Yuriko Sinthetic real silicone companion doll

Sinthetic silicone lifesize doll Kimiko on body 1B in Espresso skin tone with Smuggy the Bear

Gabriel & Alicia by Sinthetics

Blonde & brown-eyed Tawny, a life-size solid silicone love doll by Sinthetics. She’s a body 1H looking sexy in the park.

Sinthetics love doll so realistic it's scary...

Bluemouse's beautiful Tenshi, lifesize silicone doll by Sinthetics.

Briko's photo of his Sinthetic Monique

KingTut’s Miranda, from Sinthetics, being a coquette

Foot tattoo on lifesize silicone doll, ultra realistic, Sinthetic