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pipe cleaner crowns - so cute and different from the paper ones we always make!

Pretty much a bazillion felt/flannelboard templates & ideas for story extensions, rhymes, songs, and more!

Ice cube painting

Fill 2 trays with water - warm/cold. Fill balloons 1/4 full of water for children to explore...once children have had the opportunity to observe these balloons sink, add a few balloons without water in it, and see them float. Sensory.

preschool water activity

FREE Printable Kindergarten Pack to go with the book "Dog's Colorful Day" (color words, number words, tally marks, dice, color-by-number)

children learn what they live life quotes quotes family quote family quote family quotes children


Masher Print Painting | Child Central Station - simple process art with kitchen potato mashers!

80 2x2 Picture squares that represent cars, planes, boats, and trucks. Use as flashcards. Print two copies for identical matching task or Memory Ga...

You may need to save this idea for next year, if you don't have pictures from the first days of's a goodie!

Too Loud Free app- hook up to your Smartboard to help kids monitor their voice level in class!