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Ok here's a Loki/Hiddles board

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I Believe Less IS More

Loki and Tom ~ I ♥ this.

Loki's silver tongue

By Mizzcoffeebot D: D: D:

YUP all the Loki's were on the other side of the street from me. Oh well I guess I missed the best Loki cosplays inside.

Loki & Thor ♥

As long as it's a pit bull and I can get like 5. Only thing I like better than you is a pit bull pup! Sorry love. Still ♥ you tho.

Loki influences June Cleaver

Loki...I love this picture

Art Nouveau Loki

wait what? (gif)

Loki as Sherlock... Yessssss...

TH: “I love it, there’s nothing quite like it in the world. Even if you feel a bit groggy in the morning, you get on a horse and your cobwebs clear immediately. There’s something really unique about it.”


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Loki Kitten by ~lilnaugrim on deviantART


god of mischief. by ~jieyi

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Scene from Thor 2? Or just photoshop? Honey, I do not care, because I LIKE it!!!!

The Avengers LA Premiere - tom-hiddleston Photo This makes me smile. :)

Texts From Superheroes: Thor and Loki

Texts From Superheroes