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Golden Slime and Dragons [Borax Free Recipe!] FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS

Sensory materials and recipes that last for several months, minimizing waste and making the most of your supplies. 10 sensory materials you can use again and again.

Easy to make, 2 ingredient paint - safe for tiny tots- FUN for kids of all ages! (adults included)

Eye Spy Alphabet Slime Recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose. This slime is OOEY and GOOEY just like a good slime should be with an added element of learning that kids love!

She is a teacher and has so many ideas to help with classroom needs. Meeting Sensory Needs Use a hairband and it works too! Really helps student GRIP correctly!

Small World and Sensory Tray Ideas from Creative Playhouse

Sound Memory- Instead of flipping a card you shake the eggs to find pairs. Plastic capsules filled with things like cereal, beads, marbles etc . . .

Pickle Pincher, great for picking up pom poms, beads, marbles, etc. Found it in the dollar aisle at my grocery store. Big A will sit and pick things up with this this and transfer them to a box dump it out repeat for hours.

  • Jen @ Chestnut Grove Academy

    I actually have one of these, did not think to use it for that....friends gave it to us as a wedding gift almost 10yrs ago as a joke, it's never been used, but we've kept it all these years...haha

All kinds of sensory recipes including cotton clay

Sifting rice and salt, this would keep Big A busy for hours

Sensory fun--way too simple, wonder what gluten free flour I should use?

Nov/Thanksgiving--Cranberries, how fun, wonder if you could use the real thing?

Nov/Thanksgiving--Big A saw this and thought it looked fun. Maybe can make on a smaller scale, put some fun foam "feathers" in the tub each time, put thanksgivings on them as we pull them out, attach to turkey.

Harvest/Farm--Corn, don't need to buy any but if I don't put the pic here I'll never remember what I was thinking

Apple/September--Can't have red apples and no green apples