What a great decoration for your front door!

Place a can under candle before filler - you'll use less filler AND the candle will sit straight!

WOW... 31 (million) creative ways to wrap presents. The whole website is Awesome!

make a cake stand to hold kitchen essentials instead of having them sit on the sink itself

Tulip arranging in a bowl.

chicken wire + mason jars with lid rings = vases for flower display or centerpieces

little shabby chic going on with distressed wood and vintage knobs...great to hang necklaces on:)

Just crates. You can buy em at Joann's for $9 and stain or paint. So much more character than the Target cubes.

Paint a dresser; take out bottom drawer, add baskets and there is an awesome accent table!

DIY car seat cover for dogs--hammock style keeps them from jumping into the front and keeps them from hurting themselves if there is a sudden stop...and keeps the hair out of the car!

Jewelry Storage. $29.00, via Etsy.

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