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Student reference sheet for similarity unit. $1

Similarity Student Reference Sheet

The math ninja - which is the better buy?!

Real Life Math - Discount Drinks Edition - MATH NINJA

Percent of a Number Foldable from Middle School Math Mania on (2 pages) - This is a foldable that explains finding the percent of a number mentally, using proportions, and by multiplying. $1.50

Percent of a Number Foldable |

Real-life Unit Rate Activity for middle school math broken down step-by-step. Reinforces procedure to find the unit rate of three student chosen items from any grocery store advertisement. Students love unit rates because of the relevancy!

Everything you need to introduce students to ratio, rate, unit rate, and proportion concepts and ensure they understand and retain them! The 56 pages in this $6 product contain a warm-up problem, a guided note-taking page, illustrated math poetry, and a two-page worksheet for each of four different content areas (ratios, rates, proportions, and word problems). The unit concludes with a challenging competition and comprehensive unit assessment.

Ratios, Rates, and Proportions Galore

Why we need to understand math... Just thought of a cool idea for extra credit, have students find and bring in pictures of "bad math" they see in everyday life. Can be run for the whole marking period w/ a limit of possible points. Then display them on a bulletin board.

Math Humor - PA Coalition for World Class Math

MATH Group Teaching/Individual Work Strategy - Foldable: Compare terms and keeping track of multiple steps or vocabulary words can be more organized in a foldable. These foldables can be kept in the classroom, in a folder, glued inside of a notebook or store in a student's file. (Grades 2 - 12) Found on Pinterest.

Middle School Math Moments (and more!): Ratios Fold it Up!

Middle School Math Moments (and more!): Ratios Fold it Up!

The Teacher Who Hated Math: Rates and Ratios Intro

The Teacher Who Hated Math: Rates and Ratios Intro

"Ratios and Proportions...and Goldfish!" This blog post is about a great hands-on activity to help students understand a real-life application of ratios and proportions.

Breaking down word problems into step-by-step sections to solve in Interactive Notebooks.

"Welco*me to Scale City, the biggest, smallest road trip ever! Created for grades 6-8, but fun for everyone! Explore amazing roadside attractions and learn about the mathematics of scale. At each stop, a short video field trip and a fun interactive simulation help you understand proportional reasoning."*