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Addiction: The Truth about METH

I am a mother against drugs, NOT THE DRUG ADDICT. Please inform yourself and others about the destruction of addiction. Never say... my child would never do drugs... do you know the signs?


Meth user. Don't do meth

Meth or Methamphetamine

Meth withdrawal symptoms are generally non-lethal but can still be serious. Learn about crystal meth withdrawal and meth withdrawal treatment here.

a man with infected sores from scratching his "meth mites"

Before & After Drugs | Real Life Infographic Depicting the Destructive Power of Meth.

Effects of Meth on The Brain - IMR Scan

The Effects of Crystal Meth on the Body.

Long Term Side Effects of Smoking Meth

Short Term side effects of using Meth

Tablet Form of Meth as well as other forms of Meth on this website.

Meth Mites. Meth does not just destroy your teeth - Meth addicts scratch and pick at their skin or feel like bugs are crawling underneath their skin. Resulting in sores and scabs.

  • Lee Betts

    So gross!!

  • Sharon Kirch

    It is hard to look at, but the reality is meth has this efffect on users. I am majoring in drugs/alcohol and health and human services. One is never too old to go to college for the fist time. I was 48 when I began and will graduate next spring and hope to make a little difference in the world around me. Through education and outreach.

  • Stephanie Koalabb

    Wow, horrible.

  • Sharon Kirch

    @stephnie it is sad. I cannot imagine what these people go through regardless of their sex or age. Drugs do not discriminate; so many believe it is the poor that use & abuse drugs, but middle/upper class are no different. All classes have a variety of ways in how he/she administer the drug as well. There are so many reasons why people turn to drugs. The sad part is our youth - convinced by their piers say it is no big deal & it will not hurt him/her to try it just one time. That one time can lead into a life long addiction or even death their is no guarantee as too what an individuals body can handle. I thought I was a pretty good parent, but even that is not a guarantee one of my children did not get into meth- praise The Lord, but what my child was using & abusing was bad enough & could have lead to this. It took years of prayer & writing Dear God letters in journals & asking any & everyone to pray. I did not care what they thought/said about me. I wanted my child back. God answered.

  • Sharon Kirch

    Ruta - it might be gross, but this is the reality of Meth - Meth mouth... Any Opiate type drug will eventually do this to an individual who abuses Opiates over a period of time. Sometimes the truth is not always pretty.

  • Ruta Stungyte

    I have this board called InnerCircle its to stand up against drugs weed, meth, crack.. so thats how i came across this... but i really dont want it on my board it makes me sick!

  • Sharon Kirch

    Well Ruta... If you want to stand-up for drugs I believe you must "Stand Out" from others. If this meth mouth makes you sick - then the photo is doing it's job to keep some off drugs. So... Stand Up and Stand Out!

  • Shoeless

    this is simply not the case with everyone or even most of the people that use meth. look at statistics too and you will see that not everyone who tries meth gets addicted to it like they want you to think. i just want people to get the right information instead of propaganda like this. im not saying meth is good for you, but these faces of meth and meth mouth are extreme cases with the cause mainly by bad hygiene and lack of health. The federal govt prescribes the same shit to kids listing the same symptons. its drys your mouth out like alot of other medication but it doesnt rott your teeth. the people that push these ads are simply uneducated on the topic. sorry sharon but i dont know where you came up with the fact that meth is an opiate based drug. thats simply wrong. the truth is their painting a bad picture of people that use drugs and it has created such a prejudice and fear that is just not right. they had reefer madness in the 30's, crack in the 80s and now its meth. all this does is build the prison industry complex and create money for somebodys pockets. these people just dont know what their talking about and their creating such long term damage through hysteria and fear. i know people that use drugs reguarly and are very nice people that have empathy for others, have jobs, pay bills and are better members of society than some people i know that dont use. but if you put them side by side and tell people which one uses drugs, they are automatically can be demonized without any just cause for it.

  • c. russ pursley

    I have an opinion both for and against this, but I will keep it to myself. I will however pin it to a board because it makes for a great discussion and could open the door to keep others from trying meth and help others to stop. For the ones that can handle it more power to you and don't get caught.

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Effects of Methamphetamine on your teeth.

Meth Teeth/Meth Mouth

  • J. K.

    ohhhh,the meth mouth....see it everyday in people that come buy sudafed everyday at my pharmacy, so sad

  • Sharon Kirch

    Yes it is sad. Opiates can do the same. I am glad that it is a little harder for addicts to get, but on the other hand they just find another method to get high. My minor is in drugs and alcohol.

Hate the drug, hate the addiction, but don't hate the addict. Choose life, health, and freedom. Do not let Meth age you and destroy you. You do have a purpose in this life.

Hate the drug, hate the addiction, but don't hate the addict. Children are not stupid... they are scared.

Hate the drug, hate the addiction, but don't hate the addict.

Hate the drug, hate the addiction, but don't hate the addict.

Hate the drug, hate the addiction, but don't hate the addict. The many changing faces of just one person and drugs.