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Vampires are Slavic Death Spirits - often female. The word comes from South Slav "vampir." The Istrian Slavs believed that every family has a vukodlak, (modern word) which battles with their kresnik (a good spirit). At midnight, vampires visit houses, and suck the blood of or have sex with sleeping people, often their relatives, who then waste away and die. In some areas, vampires are thought to be the souls of the dead; their physical body does not actually leave the grave. To still a vampire, place a cross of poplar wood in the grave, scatter millet grains to keep them busy counting (One... ha hahaha, Two... ha hahaha... Seseme Street got it right!), or maim their ankles so they can't stand or walk. To kill a vampire, drive a hawthorn or aspen stake into its body, put a nail in its head, decapitate it, dismember it, and/or burn the body.

Vampire killing kit from the 1800s. These were carried for protection when traveling. Many fakes out there being put together so beware if you try to buy one for your collection.

True Blood Inspired Vampire V Blood Vial Bottled Earrings $12.99

Kellen Lutz -- My favorite vampire ;D

I'm thinking vampire seductress.

Vampire Fantasies .....