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Kat's Kitchen My Tarts: and more...

I am not a professional baker - but, I do enjoy creating and/or taking on a challenge recipe. Usually the challenge is easy - but, looks tricky i.e. tarts.

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Ice bowl,, step 1

July 2012

July 2012

July 2012

I tested the layered - color cake,,, interesting,, I baked thin cake layers, but, I think if I had time, I would bake 4 cakes, slice each and stack.. = 4 cakes,,

Marshmallow dipped in 'white' chocolate - different colors for different events...this for SHS = Red/White colors

mini cakes,,, easy - frozen pound cake - cut away brown edges - cut into squares - re-freeze (they soften quickly) - I put raspberry seedless jam in the center - white chocolate coat on top -with frosting (or whipped cream and cream cheese) top to place glazed raspberries.

My Tart: 2011

Glaze fruit with a mixture of: melted jelly (apple works well) and a tad of water. The glaze seals fruit and gives the tart it's shiny appearance.

Create any pattern with berries and fruit. My tarts are never the same - I let the colors, shapes and flavors guide me.

Fruit: I put rinsed berries and cut fruit on paper towel to soak up extra juices. Otherwise, juices can make shell soggy and filling messy.

Tart - filling: Cream Cheese, melted vanilla chips, cream, and a touch of vanilla.

My Fruit-Tart - 2012