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5 lbs. of fat next to 5 lbs. of muscle.

omni ease spray provides fast temporary relief from common aches and pain. use for neck ache, backache, muscle soreness, stiffness, sprains, strains and sore feet

extra enhancer designed to support the effects of omnitrions weight management products combines the benefits of calcium magnesium, potassium, gymnema sylvestre,and chromium to provide a balanced formula for good health all in a fiber base

Omnitrition International, Inc.

take some of the fat out of your diet with omni trim chito an all natural supplement derived from the outer shells of crabs, shrimp and other shellfish. omni trim chito has the unique ability to attach itself to lipids or fats in the stomach before they are digested. omni trim chito binds to some of the dietary fat and prevents its aborption in the digestive tract

omnitritions balance cream is designed to help provide relief from symptoms of menopause, pre-menopause, endometriosis and pms. progesterone cream is believed to balance hormaonal domination of estrogen. omni woman balance cream uses safe, natural progeserone for greater bioactivity and is strengthened with the addtition of pregnenolone

omni smart oral chelates is an advanced doctor-de-signed formulation, which combines important minerals and natural ingredients like garlic extract known to support optimum heart and blood vessel function. omni smart is formulated to work hand in hand with shield antioxidant

Omnitrition International, Inc.

is designed to supplement your diet with a broad spectrum of popular standardized phytochemicals and includes green tea extract and ginseng. these nutrients may help support the bodys natural response to stress, while promoting endurance. teamed spirulina and blue green algae extracts, phytonutrients offers a well-rounded supplement to your hectic mealtimes

Omnitrition International, Inc.

state of the art antioxidant provides a balanced, comprehensive nutritional foundation. the highest quality ingredients make up this excellent multi nutrient formula complete with vitamines minerals and specail ingredients which act synergistically to provide a superb nutritional base. just take a look at shield antioxidants ingredient list and you'll see to differences

complete brain nutrition formula, remind delivers a unique dietary array of nutrients to support optimal memory function, boost mental well-being and promote over-all brain function. remind is a formula you wont soon forget available in both a berry flavor beverage mix and in a capsule form.

The answer to everyone's health needs! Did you know that capsule form vitamins you only absorb up to about 10%?! I didn't until recently...with Omni 4 liquid vitamins you absorb about 98% and whatever your body doesn't need is flushed! So you don't have to worry that you or your kids are getting toxic amounts of vitamins! These are vitamins you can actually feel the difference the very first day you take them! www.omnitrition.c...

Omnitrition International, Inc.

Omni IV- Liquid Vitamin that is 96-98% absorbed! Getting your body in balance helps with allergies, asthma, acne, freqent colds, ANYTHING that ails you!

Immune Defense - 10 Oriental Mushrooms - Take 5 days on; 2 days off. For those fighting a cold; preparing to travel; or with chronic ailments. This stuff is AWESOME!!!

Thermo Herbal Tea - Drink it hot or cold; burn stored body fat for 1 hour! How EASY is that?