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A lesson for all women in the world…

A lesson for all women in the world…
  • Lia Alexandra

    Where are these oppressed girls? I have never met or heard of a girl who was ashamed of her sexuality or felt her gender restricted her from doing stuff. Whats with all these posts everywhere, Westernized countries dont suffer from this stuff so whats the issue. The only thing women need to learn is to stop being so mean/bitchy to one another for no reason.

  • Thaysha Hill

    Get a grip, women are oppressed on a Global scale. Just because Western countries may be a little more advanced in our thoughts and behaviors it doesn't take away from the fact that women are mistreated, labeled and undervalued across the world. Just because it's not happening in your backyard doesn't diminish the relevance of a this issue on a global scale. We live in a global society, think big.

  • Lia Alexandra

    Its not discussing it on a global scale though. This stuff only started popping up online as backlash for when schools in the US changed clothing policies for girls - which why she's talking about being taught to cover up. No one said anything about inequality for women not existing elsewhere. I'm only speaking about what this was actually aimed at, which happened in a country where women can't really complain. So chill out and read things properly first.

  • The Art Of Borbor

    Women in America are still shamed for their sexuality, in addition to being told what to say, what to do, how to feel, etc. Granted things are much better than in the 1950s, but they day when a women can praised for being player for having sexed numerous, is the day true inequality will be established.

  • The Art Of Borbor

    The day when women can be praised*

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