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Taylor Brodeur

Taylor Brodeur

we lost ourselves in the bright lights.

Everyone always asks me what I use to edit my Instagram pictures. These apps are without a doubt the best!

A Lone Wolf — intotheair-upintheair: Painted an elephant for...

Drawing reindeer aztec

i want a tattoo like this but more colorful and i want it to be a native american horse with paint on it and a feather in its hair

still stirring up ideas for my dream catcher tattoo :)

  • Tiandra Medina

    the detail in the netting is to small it will all run together and look like a blob. also if you are going to tattoo a dream catcher you should research them because every netting design has different meaning, mine is the meaning of life. just saying :D

I've seen these feather-into-birds tattoos everywhere, but for some reason I actually like this & something stands out from the rest

Lovely take on a neck/shoulder piece