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military history

Matthew Brady was the original war-time photographer. His images of the Civil War brought home the carnage in a way the public had never before seen. Our country was awash in the blood of half a million Americans for 4 years, and Brady commemorated the whole mess, from the Generals on their warhorses to the soldiers blown apart on the battlefields. His imagery brought home the horror in a way nothing before had, and set a high standard for many years to come.

Covered Wagons used to transport everything during the War Between the States.

The War Between the States brought the Trapdoor rifles into their own. Deadly accurate and seldom flawed in performance, they were highly thought of as weapons worthy of the soldiers who used them.

Country Hunter .50 caliber Flintlock Rifle used during the War between the states.

This amputating set belonged to Gustav Weber, who served as surgeon general of Ohio during the Civil War and founded St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland. The amputating set contains 3 forceps (for tissue and bone torsion), 3 sounds (urethral),…

A mid-19th century prosthetic arm made of leather, wood, and iron. Image courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions.

This picture was taken in 1863 near City Point, Virginia. The picture shows a wagon train of Civil War Ambulances. Battlefield medicine was still in its infancy at this time, and getting injured in combat usually meant dying of infection.

This picture was taken in 1864, and shows soldiers wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness. It is interesting to see how far battlefield medicine has come in the last 140 years. These men did not even have the comfort of a tent, but had only the shelter of a tree.

This prosthetic leg was found in Woodhull, Illinois. The sculptural leg is made of hand-carved wood, leather, and hand-forged iron and zinc.

Confederate Uniform Coat, worn by Capt. Warren R. Marshall of Newberry, S.C.

This picture shows a soldier standing in front of his tent. The picture was taken during the Civil War. The soldier is identified as Col. Ernest M.P. Von Vegesack, of the 20th New York Infantry. Exact location the picture was taken is not known.

Old Picture of the Day: Civil War

The Bull Run Bridge near Union Mills