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Darcy Casavant

Darcy Casavant

Librarian, Mommy, Wife, Runner, Craftivist, Pseudointellectual, SheNerd

Steampunk Octopus sculpture by Igor Verniy

Panic attack. I've been lucky enough to not have this problem so far, although I have had one at home before.

  • smASH

    That's wonderful to hear, good for you! And thank you for that.

  • Mia Gautier

    This is hell

  • BK Shenanigans

    So far I've been lucky as well. I had a bad one right after getting out of the shower one time, and after laying on the floor for a while I made myself get up and sit on the toilet to put my clothes on because I didn't want to be found dead or passed out naked. I joke about it now, but it wasn't too funny at the time. My thoughts and understanding are with you guys.

  • smASH

    Thank you, and I'm sorry you had to experience that.

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Relax@johnsonlacey18, @Kori Hiser Ann, @Sherry S Lynn, @Kaytlin Gregory Crawford~hahaha!!

This is actually an icebreaker I could support.

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