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Emily Chilton

Emily Chilton

Meredith College '18

2014 White A Line Sweetheart Capped Strap Backless Lace Tulle Wedding Dresses Bridal Gowns

Five facts about reading.

Dear future me: if you two ever build a house together, carve your names into the wood floor

Bible verse - ISAIAH 41:10. - Always my favourite verse, since it's helped me through struggling times heaps.

My awesome cousin is doing my photos. :) but in case any friends of mine ever want to see this.

For the times when I forgot

Sorry Loki, but Faramir's father actually told Faramir that he wished he was dead and then proceed to try and burn Faramir alive.

After all this time? Always Harry potter always

My favorite quote!!!! I have always said this to my daughter Mackenzie!!!! And will be my next tattoo!!!!

Good morning friends! May you all have a wonderful day!!

Bernese mountain dogs.