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Zombie apocalypse at Ikea…

Zombie apocalypse at Ikea…

Daily Odd Compliment

The 50 Funniest Tumblr Posts Of All Time

This would be the indicator that I have found my dream guy!

Bouquet of kittens

Gets me every time .

This scene gets me every time…

Oh geez... haha

It’s Either A Young Biologist Or Young Serial Killer

Is that why I always laugh at my own jokes?

Funny Pictures - 46 Pics

Awesome kid!

He chose his hero…

modern family

Morning coffee (39 photos)

13 going on 30. Love this movie. Jennifer Garner is adorable and this is when I said hello to Mark Ruffalo.

Hahaha would love this. Harry Potter humor. I would marry this man, if I wasn't already married... To a man who may potentially do the same thing. Lol.

Magical Musings: Day 26: He is the Chosen One

Parallel story in How I Met Your Mother… Haha, I saw this when I was watching that episode haha.

Parallel story in How I Met Your Mother…

Funny Tumblr Posts

Polite cat... - The Meta Picture

Tourists go crazy over little things…

Tourists go crazy over little things…

Movie night…

Movie night... - The Meta Picture