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Products I Love

I want one! Glass Microwave Corn Popper. You can add butter to the lid so it melts over the popcorn. No oil, no salt.

Stick-N-Find —bluetooth stickers you place on items, then locate them with your phone! Must put on keys, jackets, ;)

HotTug Hot Tub Boat - It’s a hot tub and it’s a boat.

Soda can lanterns -- cool project!

Freaking awesome.... I want to try these! Sun Contacts! Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses. These are so cool, but I'm surprised it took this long to invent them.

Rubbermaid paint buddies. put your leftover paint in them and retouch anytime you want.

Full length mirror with jewelry storage inside. YES PLEASE!!!

Twist Whisk. stores flat

Candy Corn on The Cob

the most genius idea i've ever seen on pinterest...I NEED this

Made with a sharpie. over 24 crafts to make with a sharpie

30 Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas That Will Make You Go Ah-ha!

I want them all!

Hang fairy lights without out nails or staples!

the Facebook Like Oven Mitt by Enrique Luis Sardi

Don’t live in fear of dropping those slippery soap bars in the showers – now you can easily shave off little flakes from a bar of soap with this clever soap dispensing tool. Prisons every where are already reporting a drop in shower rapes thanks to this wonderful shaver.

Dogs are curious animals. The dog peek window allows man’s best friend to more effectively keep watch over his territory from that cowardly neighborhood cat, the conniving squirrel, or those annoying plastic bags that always fly by.

Fortune Cookies that tell it like it is

Super clever! ice cubes that fit into a standard water bottle!