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Common Core Resources

A curated list by SLJ editor Daryl Grabarek

President's Day | Books for Celebration. New nonfiction to add to your collection.

Looking for sophisticated digital stories to share with teens and tweens? This one has teacher resources.

Great Beginnings | Books for Emergent Readers. Like all youngsters, kids learning to read benefit from exposure to high-quality titles that blend well-written narratives with eye-catching illustrations.

A Public and School Librarian Find Common Ground on the Common Core

Elementary teachers in search of an entertaining nonfiction author study need look no further than Meghan McCarthy.

The new Next Generation Science Standards have been written with direct connections to the CCSS embedded within them, making it more manageable for teachers to integrate curriculum. Here is a sample elementary lesson.

Making the reading-writing connection for students in the Common Core era requires models of good literature, a keen understanding of text craft and structure, and solid skills in writing conventions.

Along with the Common Core, many state standards ask educators to incorporate multimodal resources into their lesson plans. Here are a few to consider.

Planning Common Core Lessons?: Free, Web-based applications can help align your plans with the new standards

Authors of nonfiction for young readers model specific writing styles and techniques that demonstrate a command of the written word, engage and hook readers, and help to explain and contextualize important concepts.

The Common Core standards put a premium on exploration and discovery. So does the author Loree Griffin Burns.

Barbara Kerley, an author known for her quality nonfiction, has revamped her website with the CCSS in mind.