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7 Actions You NEED to Take Immediately Following an EMP Attack

7 Actions You NEED to Take Immediately Following an EMP Attack

How to Make a Fire Piston For Under 10 Bucks - Preparing For SHTF

Digging a Pirate’s Cave (Dec, 1929)

This could make for sweet SHTF survival housing and shelter. Here's how to make one - SurvivalistDaily....

Dugout Shelters and Pit Houses as Sweet SHTF Survival Housing

If the SHTF & the grid goes down, every nuclear powerplant will go into meltdown. It will be like the worst nightmare of the cold war. Map of U.S. Nuclear Power Plants | NRDC

Solitary Man: Countdown to Prepperdom by Ron Foster fiction interlaced with fact. This is a wonderful author with realistic stories about how it might be when SHTF.

Storing Insulin and Perishable drugs in SHTF in case of long term failure of electricity.

I saw a discussion on ways to secure your home... Preppers were cutting chain link fencing the sizes of all their windows & door openings, if SHTF, fencing can be quickly bolted to each opening using very long lag screws, having angle iron cut to length it would be even better. It would greatly slow down intruders, anything thrown would bounce off & not break glass. Attach to doors so you could talk to someone & they couldn't rush in (one of the most often used entry tactics).

Homemade Explosives Guide for after the SHTF

Zombies are not movie characters. They are unprepared people who will kill your family for food, water and shelter in SHTF.

BioLite Camp Stove - BioLite Stove Is a great addition to your bug out bag. It allows you to charge USB items like batteries, cell phones, and flashlights. - Preparing For SHTF