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good reviews

Can't have too many dog books!

A website that recommends books based on what books you have liked! Great starting point if you are looking for something new to read....I must try this out!

not religious, but curious.

  • Vickie P

    I'm curious, too. Been meaning to read it, but haven't found the time yet this summer.

  • Susie Mahoney

    Hmmm, that's not my comment above. I'm just figuring out this whole pinterest thing. Anyhow know the little boy is from Nebraska, right?

  • Vickie P

    Oops! I am too. Lol. I heard he was from the Midwest, but didn't realize he was from Nebraska.

  • Carla Hoag

    Probably the best book I've ever read concerning heaven.

  • Emma Lanik

    Never read it, but hear it's good!