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Fashionably Crocheted

Celebrities wearing crochet, fashion designers using crochet, crochet street style looks, and more.

Ashlee Simpson reads to son Bronx while wearing a whole bunch o' filet crochet (September 2014)

Diana Ross, Ashlee Simpson Support Family at Book Store Opening

Is it just me, or does Kourtney Kardashian break out the crochet every time she's pregnant? (September 2014)

"This crochet wedding dress is so stunning, and only needed $30 in materials." -- but let's not forget that we're talking HOURS of labor. Awesome she did it on her commute, but if you place a price tag on your time it helps keep in perspective that handmade is NOT cheap. There's a reason why, were you to buy a dress like this, you should have to shell out serious cash.

Upcycling done right -- vintage crochet lace household items into statement necklaces!! Spotted at Craftland in Providence, RI (Peacock feather Antimacassar Scarflette by heatherjeany)

Ooh love the shape of this sweater (and the crochet, obviously -- the white bits). This is an interesting take on the graphic black-and-white trend that is EVERYWHERE in these collections. Thakoon Addition NYFW S15 RTW

Also several looks featuring leather panels sewn together with crochet -- Proenza Schouler NYFW S15 RTW

These are styled oddly, but it is warming my heart to see this much crochet in one show. And one where I was NOT expecting to see it. Proenza Schouler NYFW S15 RTW

A flared version of the dress, which would totally be working for me had they not paired it with what looks like a leather polo shirt. Proenza Schouler NYFW S15 RTW

Crochet slip dress -- basically a slanted version of dc granny clusters. Proenza Schouler NYFW S15 RTW

I wish you could hear the noise I made when I saw this look. ALL CROCHET. The shaping on the skirt is genius. Plus the accessories incorporate two other big spring trends -- pompoms (yes, again) and bold flowers. M Missoni NYFW S15 RTW

Somebody, reverse engineer the pattern for this gorgeous crochet top! (Yes, I zoom in on all of these to check out the stitching -- this is legit crochet.) M Missoni NYFW S15 RTW