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Alex Grover, of Utah Sustainable Gardening, presents on how we can reduce pollution, improve our nutrition and have "the best looking yard on the block" with earth-friendly, sustainable gardening (permaculture). Alex earned a BS in Urban Horticulture from BYU. Refreshments provided. Wednesday, January 15th, Provo Library, Room 201, 7 PM.

DIY chicken water and feeder from 5-gallon buckets Only $1 EACH!! The ones at the feed store this size are 50-60 dollars!

Yummy! Kale!

The Plant Tower is a great way of growing lots of food in a small footprint. The perforated irrigation pine down the middle makes watering a breeze.

Chunnel: the chicken tunnel. Love this--so clever! Brilliant way to keep the ladies out of the food but eating the pests! LOVE!

Follow this one tip in your garden & get a ton of strawberries! Also a little strawberry education!

Modern Sustainability...old-fashioned methods: growing vining berries around the perimiter of the garden, fence system that provides support, keeps out rabbits and deer, growing cool-season veggies year-round (if you live in north - helpful idea for gardening in warmer areas but with different results) ... keep this blog! #sustainable #gardening #garden #tips tå√

Raised Gardens, Flowering Bushes and Planting Vegetables at CultivatorsCorner...