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Urinary Savings

Urinary conditions are expensive! Making informed decisions about your care, with an eye on reducing costs. This board focuses on urinary (urologic and nephrologic) issues, including kidney conditions, urinary infections, incontinence, prostate problems, and others. (Not medical advice.)

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Urinary Savings

  • 35 Pins

Medicines for Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease

Can you have a bladder infection with a negative urine culture?

Cranberry juice 'can protect against urine infections'

Learn when to call the doctor if you are suffering from testicular pain:

Testicular Pain: Get the Facts on Causes

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What everyone with chronic kidney disease and those at increased risk of developing it should know:

Should organs be for sale?

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Can #Cancer Ever Be Ignored?

Had prostate surgery? Let others know your honest experience so they can make an informed decision. #prostatecancer

Great questions to ask when considering a new in-center #dialysis provider:

How well are your kidneys working? A free AKF screening can check indicators of kidney health.

Have you found additional ways to reduce the frequency of urinary problems? 10 Ways To Keep Your Bladder Healthy:

Finding the right doctor for interstitial cystitis #IC

Interstitial cystitis on a budget

‎$ 35 coupon to help with Elmiron (max 4 prescriptions)

10 ways to keep your #bladder healthy

Interstitial cystitis: Food list to prevent flare-ups: #IC #cystitis

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