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DIY: organic fly trap..also a green way to use those 2ltr soda bottles! Ingenious

DIY: Organic Fly Trap

DIY Fruit Fly Trap - Super easy and made in minutes! It works awesome - it caught all my fruit flies!

$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit

$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit

DIY toilet fizzies that will leave your toilet smelling so fresh!

Refresh Your Commode With DIY Toilet Fizzies

Make your own homemade reusable dryer sheets with this simple tutorial (and save money in the long run!)

Homemade Reusable Dryer Sheets

ALL-NATURAL CLEANING WIPES: 1) Cut up some old t-shirts. Use something knit because it won't fray when you wash it. 2) Put the cut-up shirt rectangles into an old wipes container (or any container that works for you). 3) Add about 2 Tbs of Dr. Bronner's soap and about 1 cup of water (just until shirts are moistened). 4) Pull one out and clean away! 5) Wash the dirty wipes and reuse!

This Glass Cleaner is amazing! Super easy to make--and leaves no streaks behind! Much more natural than the store bought brands and TONS che...

Step-by-step tutorial on how to clean and disinfect your cutting board without using chemicals!