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Face to face : Flanders, Florence, and Renaissance painting / Paula Nuttall.

Frans Hals : eye to eye with Rembrandt, Rubens and Titian / Anna Tummers

Anders Zorn : Sweden's master painter / Johan Cederlund, Hans Henrik Brummer, Per Hedström, James A. Ganz.

Picasso and truth : from Cubism to Guernica / T.J. Clark.

Francesco Vanni : art in late Renaissance Siena / John Marciari and Suzanne Boorsch

Impressionists on the water / Christopher Lloyd, Daniel Charles, Phillip Dennis Cate

Delacroix and the matter of finish / Eik Kahng ; with essays by Marc Gotlieb, Michèle Hannoosh

German paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1350-1600 / Maryan W. Ainsworth and Joshua P. Waterman

Chihuly / edited by Diane Charbonneau.

Mexico : a revolution in art, 1910-1940 / Adrian Locke.

Femininity, time and feminist art / Clare Johnson

Romanesque architecture : the first style of the European age / Eric Fernie.

Mike Kelley / edited by Eva Meyer-Hermann and Lisa Gabrielle Mark ; organized by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in cooperation with The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.

The engagement aesthetic : experiencing new media art through critique / by Francisco J. Ricardo.

Soundings : a contemporary score / Barbara London ; with an essay by Anne Hilde Neset.

The work of art in the world : civic agency and public humanities / Doris Sommer.

Magritte : the mystery of the ordinary, 1926-1938 / edited by Anne Umland

Experiments in modern realism : world-making, politics and the everyday in postwar European and American art / Alex Potts.

Linkography : unfolding the design process / Gabriela Goldschmidt.

A people's art history of the United States : 250 years of activist art and artists working in social justice movements / Nicolas Lampert.

The art of modern China / Julia F. Andrews and Kuiyi Shen.

Themes of contemporary art : visual art after 1980 / Jean Robertson

Show time : the 50 most influential exhibitions of contemporary art / Jens Hoffmann.