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Libraries/Librarians in the Movies

Celebrating librarians and libraries on the silver screen.... or even on television!

Looper (2012). Bruce Willis time travels back to get important medical records. Good library skills transcend time!

Check Out Posters And New Art from LOOPER - MovieCarpet

The Initiation of Sarah (2006). Two occult sororities wickedly fight it out in the library.

The House by the Cemetery (1981). The librarian and assistant aid the protagonist in his research.

Utah Wagon Train (1951). A recreation of a wagon train involves some research-- in this case, the cowboy climbed onto a telephone pole and made a call to the library (using a handset) in Salt Lake City to verify some facts.

A drifting cowboy: Meanwhile back at the ranch -- Cap Rock

Sliders (TV series) (1995). The episode "Eggheads" features a society that prizes libraries and intelligence. "Hemingway, Lawrence, Chekhov and Miller Fitzgerald was a freak, Mailer is a killer Quiet please! Quiet please!"

Sliders Vocal Performances

Raiders of the Living Dead (1986). A typical librarian, with sensible clothing, crimped hair, and comfortable shoes, explains to a journalist the horrible history behind a prison.

LILEKS (James) :: the BLEAT

That '70's Show (2003). TV Series. Library worker gets pregnant by the Ashton Kutcher character.

The Skulls III (2004). Hacking into a library computer in order to gain gender equity. Sounds like a ... bad plan.

Rudy (1993). Rudy and his tutor in the library.

Possession (2002). Sneaking around and stealing stuff in the library.

Loss and Recovery: Librarians Bear Witness to September 11, 2001 (2002). Produced by the American Libraries magazine, this is an oral history of librarians over their experiences in New York on 9/11.

Loss and Recovery video | American Libraries Magazine

The Lickerish Quartet (1970). Go-go boots and a mod library make for an interesting encounter.

Rock! Shock! Pop! - Lickerish Quartet, The

The Avengers (1998). Patrick McNee plays Invisible Jones, an invisible ministry archivist.

Aveleyman - Patrick Macnee

Footloose (2011). In the remake, Ren gets in trouble when someone hands him a joint, and he gets caught with it in the library.

Footloose (1984). The town preacher stops a book burning, started at the local library.

Move by Move: 'Footloose'

The Exorcist III (1990). Seeking information from the Jesuit library in relation to the Rite of Exorcism.

Vagebond's Movie ScreenShots: Exorcist 3, The (1990)

Deceived (1991). Seeking the truth in the archives and also microfilmed newspapers.

Pin Still Of Goldie Hawn In Deceived (1991) on Pinterest

Caesar and Cleopatra (1945). The tutor to Ptolemy, pictured here second from the right, urges Caesar to act to save the Alexandria Library. The loss would be "greater than 10,000 lives." I bet you all know what happens next.

All About Evil (2010). Nerdy librarian is actually a psychotic killer.

All About Evil Picture 7

Epidemic (1987). Researching with a librarian in order to write a screenplay about an epidemic.

Lars von Trier-Epidemic (1987)

Dracula 3D (2012). Sure, it would be fun to catalog the library of a well-known blood sucker....

Chameleon Street (1989). A con man passes himself off as an exchange student at the Yale library.

Burning Annie (2004). More college love in the library....

Alexandrie...New York (2004). The hero meets his love in the Institute of Dramatic Art library....

Plaisir solitaire en bibliothèque

The Hard Word (2002) (aka The Australian Job). The inmate librarian has to deal with all sorts of trouble.

Pictures & Photos from The Hard Word (2002)