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So. Messed. Up.

  • guyfromkcmo

    "Good morning everybody, welcome to the quarterly overview meeting, Lets get to the elephant in the room, you have all of course noticed the empty chair, Steve, head of advertising has been fired and sued for lible. Remember this if any of you decide to use cocaine as *inspiration* for innovative marketing ideas."

Sad story, but my god, the mugshot of this trio charged with cat hoarding is priceless.

Picnic pants. Because sometimes being able to eat effortlessly out of your crotch is more important than fashion.

Good gift idea for Grandma: Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes. For real.

I support any presidential candidate who offers me a pony.

  • Karen Turner

    His fingernails scare me. I don't really mind his beard all that much, but those nails? Really?? And doesn't he kind of sound like Mel Gibson a bit?

Eating cereal dinner is a little less pathetic when you bread chicken with Cap'n Crunch.

Cap’n Crunch + 5 Other Cereals Used For Breading Chicken

What I imagine Snooki's fetus to look like.