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Tried and Would Not Do Again

Next winter, if your area is below 32, go outside and blow bubbles! They immediately turn into ice bubbles" we'll have to test this out! It was 7 out and this didn't work for us. They just flew away and popped like usual. The container froze overnight though lol.

Dried watermelon. It was GROSS!!! Lost it's watermelon taste and tasted more like sugar covered squash. I'd try the watermelon pureed in a fruit leather for its sweetness though, it was very sweet. Would not dehydrate it by itself again.

Jasey's Crazy Daisy: Snickers Brownies. They turned out good, but they were so sweet I could only take a few bites before feeling overwhelmed by a sugar coma :/

Caramel Apple Salad. Ended up using 6 cups chopped apples. Suprised it actually tasted like caramel apple. Had a kind of gritty and gross texture the next day though. I might try it again with sugar free cool whip instead, but I don't think I'd try the yogurt again.

I don't know what went wrong (repeatedly), but it didn't look like the bottom picture at all...I looked more like a creature out of star wars...not pretty.

Baby food lids for threading, stacking, sorting. ~NOOOO! Not only do they have sharp pieces on them that are pretty impossible to get off, C kept sticking them in her mouth (which she doesn't do a lot of!) and they are perfect choking size...

FYI This did not work for toilets. Thought maybe it would dissolve after 12 hours like they said, but it did not. I was just left with a chunk of eraser in my toilet and still have the old lady's stains. Booooo!

This was nothing like Texas Roadhouse butter. If you like honey, it's for you because that's all it tastes like, a really thick gloopy honey. Actually, just use honey. Fail.