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Teaching - CVC WORDS

Nonsense words Blending for Kindergarteners

Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree: CVC Word Fluency. Lots of games and word work ideas for CVC words

Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree: CVC Word Fluency

Simple DIY Building Words Center

Apples and ABC's: Simple DIY Building Words Center

Miss Kindergarten: Let's Play and Learn! {CVC play doh mats}

Miss Kindergarten: Let's Play and Learn!

Short Vowel Clothes Pin Cards - Place the clothes pin on the correct vowel sound on these cute CVC word photograph cards

Short Vowel Clothes Pin Cards - CVC word middle sounds

Jumping Sounds! Students jump on the letters as they stretch the sounds out.

The Littlest Scholars: Jumping Sounds!

Short vowel CVC word mats. Over 50 word mats included. 3 types of mats for each word so you can differentiate the activity! Includes "I Can" posters, CC standards, and 2 different response sheets.

Rollin' in the {Play} Doh (CVC Short Vowel Play-Doh Mats) CCSS

Great practice for short vowels and CVC words. Includes a magnetic center and a black and white word work copy that students can "read it, trace it, and make it". Can use letter stamps, magazines, or the letter cards included in the pack.

Read It, Trace It, Make It {Short Vowel CVC Words}

Walk the Word Phonics Game! A gross motor game that teaches kids to segment and blend sounds. Great activity for active kids who are learning to read!

Gross Motor Phonics Game: Walk the Word

Use strips to work on CVC words, and initial/medial/final phonemes using dry erase markers

One Extra Degree: A Time Capsule of Teacher Goodies

Fun way to work on CVC words with your boys!

Mrs. Hoffer's Kindergarten: Whats Going on In Kindergarten

Sound Hop Use rubber dots for hopping the sounds in words. The children hop on a dot as they say each sound in the word. This is great for kinesthetic learners.

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Sight Words & Segmenting Freebies!

get sticks put foam letters on them and have them make words, who ever makes the most in X time wins

2nd Grade Sleuths: Daily 5 Working with Words