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Easy Twisty Bun Tutorial - 2 high pig tails twisted and secured with clear elastic, undo elastic and twist together, securing with bobby pins, tease apart and hairspray

[Quick Tip] Make-up Brush Cleaner - equal parts olive oil and dish soap (baby shampoo also seen in another pin): mix dirty brushes in mix and rinse until clear, re-shape and lie to dry

Video tutorial on how to do the twisty ponytail

Brilliant Braid - picture tutorial on how to get a messy fishtail looking braid (basically just pulling hair up, in and through itself); may need longer hair to do and look nice

Updo Idea - tease the crown, put high ponytail in secured a few inches from scalp and pull hair up and through "topsy tail" style (may need longer hair to do)

Curly Hair Tips - use old t-shirt to scrunch dry (not rub) and use leave-in conditioner (not on roots), then heat-tamer spray and spray gel, diffuse. Other tips include using non-sulfate shampoo, sleep with hair loosely up and on a satin pillowcase (tips from LOTS of comments include EV coconut oil as moisturizer, etc.)

Video tutorial on "Victoria Secret" curls (fairly involved and may not have long enough hair)

Picture tutorial on how to do the "Boho" wave - basically curling towards face then away on same piece

Video tutorial on how to do the waterfall twist (my hair may not be long enough to look right)

Picture tutorial on how to get waves with a flat iron - basically holding straightener vertical and clamping 3/4 up the hair then twisting 180' with wrist and pulling through hair (also can comb out or flat iron ends to get just the right amount of wave)

Cleaning Make-up Brushes (Q 2-4 weeks recommended) - quarter sized amount of baby shampoo in 1c lukewarm water and swirl until clean (don't submerge metal part) then rinse and lay flat to dry (don't soak and don't use hot water...will ruin brushes!)

Video tutorial on the "simple updo" (other video tutorials here but #1 is my FAV!)

Blow Drying Basics - picture tutorial; start with leave-in conditioner and heat spray, use the nozzle and do fringe first, apply argon oil then take down sections starting at the back and dry using a round brush and tension. Finish with "hiding" the fly-aways by blowing them down under the other hair and then flip and make it piecy