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day 49 after surgery, hanging around with friends......

click training day 1, grandma funny seems more serious than chou chou

clicker training lesson 1: click and treat

day 55 after surgery, sniffing around.....

Day 43 after surgery........

Day 34 after surgery, walking around....

lean close to "camera"

hanging around.........

Day 29 after surgery. sunny day.


new hair cut by same designer with you

photo with you.

day 12 after surgery. good spirit and appetite. able to stand up today and may stand against the soft padding wall. crazy about chicken treat. willing to stand up for the treat.

Day 1 after surgery. normal spirit and appetite. pain was noted when movement.

We use ventral stabilization (C1-C2) with screws. 4/5/12

Chou chou_ examination before surgery. Only little proprioceptive response. Negative postural reaction. UMN for both forelimbs and hindlimbs.

Chou chou_ daily life before surgery. Good spirit and appetite. Tetraparesis. Pain was still noted sometimes. wait for surgery....... 03/31/12

The day we decide to rescue the dog from euthanize which was decided by the original owner on 3/29/12. Less pain was noted when we put on a neck brace for him. Wait for surgery.