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Pandora in the Classroom

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: Pandora in the Classroom

Malala. No matter how many times I watch or read interviews with her, she never ceases to blow me away. Her strength and grace are remarkable!

Psychology Facts. So there, everyone that makes fun of me. Why do you think I multitask for an office so well??? duh :)

funny-teachers-crazy-things-answers. My personal favorite is the last question! A high school senior asked me that one time. Just once.

Slutwalk Sydney Rape Culture hurts everyone.

Lessons with Laughter: Reading and Writing Notebooks... New Covers! - Used this this year. Great source - Made smaller ones and laminated them into my students writing folders.

I love this....a vocabulary parade where the students come dressed as a word...this one is "headstrong"

This is amazing. F-bomb warning.

This is from a college professor who is combatting punctuation "myths" kids pick up in school. It's a nice article. I like the how the "commas go where you breathe" myth is debunked. I like the witty comeback. I think I'll start using it.

Movie clips for your lesson plans...ability to search by genre (age ranges), mood, theme (this is so cool.)

Wizard of Oz activities in first grade classroom--pop-up book, tornadoes, ruby slippers/sneakers

Women's History lesson plans