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favorite cooking tools

did you ask about plate, pot or gadget on the site? here are all the things we've discussed.

libbey 4.5-ounce spice jar | These are the spice jars I use. They've come down quite a bit in price since I bought them (yay!) and they even sell chalkboard labels that perfectly fit the lid on Amazon. I'm very happy with them because they wash up like new (you can even pop out the rubber gasket to get it extra-clean) and they're airtight. I see no reason they would not last forever.

  • Matilda Luk

    I put all my spices in these jars as well, since they looked so lovely on your site. I have larger ones for spices we use more of (like black pepper and bay leaves). The only frustrating thing is that they hold ever-so-slightly less than supermarket bottles, but I now can buy spices in just the amount I want in a local store. Thanks for the tip, Deb!

flat whisk | I am bothered, probably more than I should be, by whisks that will not reach into the corners of my saucepans when making a roux or sauce. I hate finding an unmixed trench of stuff when I finish the sauce. Solution? A whisk for the corners! I love this whisk and use it all of the time.

  • Leila Marie

    I agree! I have one that I've used for years. It makes me happy to get right into the corners and also not have to get stuff out of the middle of it!

small offset spatula | used for everything -- lifting, flipping, icing, and schmearing peanut butter on toast, of course.