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last night's dinner

revisiting the archives on a weekday night.

4/2/14: We cannot stop with the fajitas. They're so quick to make and, with the beans, peppers, slaw, avocado and pico suggestions, the proportion of meat: vegetables is so healthfully low, there's basically no reason not to.

sizzling chicken fajitas | smitten kitchen

1/28-29/14 | chicken pho-but-not-really | I hacked this recipe a bit (okay, a lot) to make a Mexican-style Chicken Tortilla Soup with black beans, tomatoes, and strips of crispy tortillas. We ate it with avocado, minced white onion, cilantro, sour cream, etc.

chicken phở | smitten kitchen
  • A Dool

    Oh looks amazing...might be my Chinese New Year dinner!

  • Anne Black

    that sounds heavenly! Also, where did you get that three-oval serving dish? that looks so handy!

1/10/14 | cellphone noodle salad with roast pork |

cellophane noodle salad with roast pork | smitten kitchen
  • Stacy Dooley

    Haha...the title of this pin was confusing...."cellphone" noodle salad? Wasn't sure what those were till I clicked on the recipe... :)