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Found Object Sculpture

Stuff made outa other stuff...

"tree" made from rusty gears.

RustyJunkTree23.jpg (image)

cardboard motorcycle. Ushio Shinohara Art Asia Miami (December 2010)

AhmadyArts | Exhibitions | Truly Truthful

Sound Machine VI. Jason Brammer.

Sound Machine VI

Replica of a Boeing Airplane Meticulously Crafted out of Manila Folders

Made entirely from vintage auto parts. Artist is Australian James Corbett

The Telegarden, Ken Goldberg :: The TeleGarden is an art installation that allows web users to view and interact with a remote garden filled with living plants. Members can plant, water, and monitor the progress of seedlings via the tender movements of an industrial robot arm.

Jean Tinguely, Mes Roues, 1960.

Ludwig Museen weltweit |

Los Angeles photographer Patrick Strattner designs and photographs absurd gadgets designed from Skymall products.

"Phoenix" by Xu Bing. Over 50 feet long and made entirely of parts from a construction site in Bejing. I got to see it in the flesh (steel?) at MassMoca in North Adams, Ma.

Motorcycle made from old watch parts.

Watch art | Recyclart

Robert Rauschenberg, Music Box, 1953

  • drager meurtant

    Start to like Bob Rauschenberg's work. Where is this on display? Now make by own assemblages (see Drager Meurtant, the artistic alias used for art-making). best wishes,

  • Kevin Smokler

    Not sure. Wish I knew.

  • drager meurtant

    thought you took the pic. now when I google it says this piece is lost: http://www.artinamericamaga... another reason to continue making our own assemblies. see for instance "meurtant this is our world"

Mr. Radio ... Stephane Halleux

Cool sculptures by Stephane Halleux