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  • Bryan Anderson

    There is no symbol for atheism. Atheism is not a "thing," its the absence of a thing. You cannot support the absence of a thing. If you dont believe in the boogeyman are you supporting efforts against him? No!

  • Sandra Swan

    Its nothing wrong by being atheist @Randy Hamlet.....even I too supports atheism.

  • Virginia Solita Correa-ojeda

    As an atheist I have to say this doesn't represent atheism. We don't care about crosses, upside down or otherwise. Using an upside down cross shows you only want to shock and annoy easily scared religists (yeah, I made up that word) and does not help the cause.

  • Brianna Aragon

    Amen Virgiana. ;) Had to say it. But it as Virginia says. No secret handshakes for us.

  • Megan Schuster

    To be techinical, this is the cross of St. Peter, whom was sentenced to die of crucifiction(sp?). That's when he requested to be hung on an inverted cross. It has only recently been "associated" with atheism.

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good god lemon

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