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Colonial Fashion


1770′s corset with lacing at the centre back, panniers with slits in the sides to reach the pocket and petticoat with placket fastening at the centre back.

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Second quarter of 18th century, America - Petticoat - Quilted silk satin with glazed wool lining and wool batting

A late 18th century Indian chintz jacket and shawl, paired with a European skirt in glazed printed cotton.

Woman's Dress (Robe à l'anglaise) 1780s

Robe à l’Anglaise 1780s The Museum of London

Robe à l’Anglaise 1780 The Kyoto Costume Institute

Dress 1780-1785 The Victoria & Albert Museum

Layers of a 17th-18th Pannier Dress by TzarinaRegina

1780's Habit a la Francaise Outer Coat Collar Detail

Antique Dress - Item for Sale

Older textile worked into a 1780-90 gown - and then poorly dressed on a mannequin!

Augusta Auctions

1780s; but GORGEOUS shape, awesome photos and detail and construction shots. I love the chemise, too!

Before the Automobile: 1780's stays

Mantua, England, Great Britain (made), France (woven), 1755-1760 (made), 1753-1755 (woven), Silk, silver-gilt thread, linen thread, silk thread, hand-sewn

18th Century Dress, French, silk

Rococo Atelier: Robe à la Française - the first wearing at Christmas ball 2013

18th Century fashion