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This was so fun for the kids. Take an old rain boot and let the kids paint it. Once the paint dries, I used a coat of gloss to make them a little shiny. Fill with potting soil and plant your favorite plant or flower. They turned out super cute, can't wait to put them on my porch. :)

I used pallets to make this lemonade stand. :)

Kids kitchen that I made out of an old TV Stand.

This was super easy. I took an old end table and spray painted it black. I let it fully dry then mod podged some of my favorites photos of my boys.

Wooden pallet wine holder. Cheap, easy, and a nice addition to your home. Made this one this weekend and added lettering today.

I had my boys color on large scrap piece (this is the reverse side of wrapping paper) then placed in a large photo frame (11" x 14") and mod podged a photo of the boys on top.

Two tier Dum Dum Tree. 6" foam ball for the bottom and 3" foam ball for the top. It works best to break the dum dum stick in half, then push into the balls. I used 6 regular sized bags of dum dums. Secure the top ball to the bottom with long lollipop sticks. Super easy and cute for any event.

I made this, but added a second ball on top to make a two tier dum dum tree. *tip......break the dum dum stick about half way off, so they don't run into each other when you are trying to push them in. : )

I mod podged scrap paper around these and tied a ribbon around it from end to end. They turned out super cute.

Framed letters. I used scrap paper for the background colors and cut out the letters to place on top.

Framed artwork. Scan your favorite kid's photos and print to 1/4 page size. Cut out the pictures and arrange accordingly. I used two sided tape to secure in place then mod podge on top. For the bottom I placed a row of Legos to add something extra.

Father's Day Gift. Framed hand prints and a cut out from a Father's Day card in the center. Super easy and cute.