Why haven't you had kids yet? | {The Oatmeal}

Why haven't you had kids yet? - The Oatmeal

Zooey Davechapelle | {Cheezburger}

The New New Girl

Sister Nagini preachin' the evil word

Do you have a moment sir…

You've been "Shatnerd."

The game of Shatner…

C'mout, c'mout where ever you are. {Tumblr: softlydreamingofthevoid}

Animals need their own "First Things" baby book too! | {TechEBlog}

This kid is going places. Not college, but places.

I’m Gonna Try This With My Tax Forms

This will be funny to him one day.

One day he will look at this and laugh…

This is nokay.

Stay out of my tea. Stay out of my life.

Heer Isch Mein Handel, Heer Isch Mein Spout

Celebrities Without Teeth and Eyebrows | {Boredom Bash}

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