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This is how I always imagine Him. This made me cry

Stephenson Family Ties

5 Amazing Tools to Teach Your Children the Word of God

5 Amazing Tools to Teach Your Children the Word of God

I grew up MB and to say the least church service was rather conservative but as an Adult have joined a more "boisterous" worship and gone penecostal......This IS my Sunday Mornings!

Don't be racist!

So true! This is pretty funny, but on the serious side.... If only people would come to church to hear the gospel preached, instead of being pew warmers!

Free Printable - Wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere #IvoryBloom

Do Not Be Afraid!!!! ** in a dream He told me that I would get a new name in heaven, and He told me not to be afraid!! ... I'm looking forward to Him returning .... Jesus Christ is God!! and He's coming soon!! be ready!! that's all I can say! cause anyone that has heard the Gospel of Christ and denies HIM, they won't enter the kingdom of heaven. They'll never meet JESUS!! You must be born again IN CHRIST!!! inorder to enter the kingdom of God!!

12 Days of Christmas focused on learning about Christ

He came. He died. He rose. He ascended. & He's coming back. Love this!