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Drunk Girl Problems. Every time I've had one too many I seem to have this issue. Thought it was just me hahaha.

Come.....we will get drunk, quote movies, and talk about how awesome we are.

lord of the rings funny | Funny Lord of the Rings (22 Pics) | ShowBizLoL

Funny Lord of the Rings (22 Pics) | ShowBizLoL

A day may come when I'll stop eating pizza But it is not this day! | a day may come LOTR LORD OF THE RINGS FUNNY.

That's my bird!

That's my bird! | Epic LOL

Duct tape problems / iFunny :)

Duct tape problems / iFunny :)

funny Harry Potter Lord of the Rings similarities

Lord of the rings funny

lord of the rings, funny

LORD OF THE RINGS. I don't even read these books it's just there are funny memes for it

Random Funny Pictures - 46 Pics

Pool noodles / iFunny :)

Pool noodles / iFunny :)

haha. Ever since I got sick this summer, this has been my life.

Hunter S. Thompson & Bill Murray

Manly Distractions - Opinions

"Capitalism, God's way of determining who is smart, and who is poor." - Ron Swanson #ParksAndRecreation

If Ron Swanson was your brother…or if @Sir Jesse McGaha was your brother, except he wouldn't give you money...

If Ron Swanson was your brother…

ron swansons will

Twitter / parksandrecnbc: We all know, Ron would never ...

Ron Swanson on Rap

Ron Swanson on Rap

'MURICA Ron Swanson

the ron swanson lunchable

Funny Pics of the Day - 60 pics

Random Funny Pictures - 60 Pics

Ron Swanson's life lessons... Ok, so I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Does that mean I lloled?

Ron Swanson’s life lessons…